"It's Romance" 925 Sterling Silver And Moonstone Ring

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Ringing With Style!

Ornamental and symbolic, these jewels small and large, can hold significant meaning. From engagement show stoppers to traditional signets, rings are often the most personal pieces in any jewellery collection. Rings can have a big impact on any look.

Delight and ignite your senses with an exclusive assortment of precious metal and gemstone rings.

Guaranteed to prevent your everyday wear from feeling basic.


Description: "It's Romance" 925 Sterling Silver Faceted Moonstone Ring features slight blue adularescence.

Measurements: Australia and UK size P and a half, US size 8. Internal diameter measures 18.1 mm. Moonstone gem measures 18.5 mm length                x 13.5 mm width. 

Who can resist moonstone jewellery?

In ancient Rome, people believed this gemstone shone with moonlight. Once cut and polished moonstone shimmers with an inner radiance. A mysterious glow like moonbeams is created when light is refracted and scattered through the stone.

Moonstone is a talisman for the inward journey, and meditation with it can take us deep into ourselves, helping us to find the missing pieces in the puzzle of our lives. Its energy works with the crown and third eye chakras.

In India, moonstone has always been a sacred stone with special significance for lovers. Moonstone is found in Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Myanmar, USA, and Australia.


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