How To Travel With Jewelry

How To Travel With Jewelry

Published by Barbara Crossen on 24th Aug 2021

Jewellery can transform a single outfit from day to an evening look, helping you to adapt your outfit whatever the occasion. This can reduce the amount of clothing you need to pack and increase the space in your suitcase.

Let's take a closer look at how you can keep your jewellery organised, clean and safe when your  on the move. 

There are many fantastic soft storage pouches available that are designed specifically for this purpose. They keep your jewel pieces separate and fold up to save space. You can also use the boxes or soft bags that the jewellery came in when purchased.

Some DIY tips worth a try are:

  • Recycle a large drinking straw to hold necklaces with fine chains that can easily become tangled or damaged. Run one side of the chain through the straw and secure the clasp.
  • Thread the backs of your earrings through the holes in a larger size button to store. This keeps them organised in pairs and makes it harder for them to be lost.
  • Wrap delicate rings or earrings separately in tissue and store in a travel friendly, compact pill case. Helps prevent your precious jewels from getting scratched, mixed up or tangled.

For more expensive jewellery it’s a very good idea to make a list, and take photos of the pieces you’re taking on your trip. Keep a copy of this information with you in a place that’s separate from your jewellery, and leave another copy at home.

Keep it with you in your carry-on bag rather than in your checked in luggage.

Always store your jewels in your room’s safe if you are staying in a hotel.

Look into getting jewellery insurance. Companies like Jewel Cover Jewellery Insurance offer simple secure cover just for jewellery.

Happy Holidays!