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Welcome to Unique Jewellery!

The idea for this website and online store was born when the local jewellery store where I worked part time, closed down and I lost my job. I decided to see if there was any interest in unique jewellery, or unique handmade jewellery online. I started a Facebook page where I shared information about jewels and precious stones, not only as beautiful accessories, but as tools to help us on our spiritual journey. Within a relatively short time I had over 5000 followers. It motivated me to build this website and create an online store.

Unique Jewellery is an Australian family owned, rural based small business and we are a member of the Gemological Association Of Australia. We are all about gemstones and precious metals, used to create jewellery that's uniquely different from anything you'll find in the shopping mall chain shops. In store you'll find Exclusively Handcrafted gemstone jewels and Quality Fashion jewellery. Vintage Inspired and Boho Style bridal jewels and accessories. There’s a treasure chest of ideas on how to select, purchase, and wear jewellery to enhance your look, heart, mind, and soul.

It’s a place where all customers are considered special and their needs are paramount. You can talk to a real person in customer service if you’re not sure you’re buying the right jewel or gift and need to know. We come through for you with prompt delivery and no fuss returns. Please be assured you will always be treated with the respect and courtesy you deserve. For your peace of mind, at the bottom of this page you'll find links to our Guarantees for our products, delivery, returns and your privacy and security.

Escape the Ordinary!

If you’re looking for jewellery that’s unique and meaningful, original and distinctive, then you are in the right place. Here you’ll find gemstones, crystals, pearls and precious metals set into beautiful pieces of jewellery. Each jewel is bought into being with the magic and beauty of the most precious metals and gems offered by Our Earth, and through human hard work, love, and creativity.

Safely and Humanely!

Knowing the story behind each piece of jewellery offered in our store is vitally important to us. Where and how it is made and by whom. We share this information to you, our customer, in all of our product listings.

As part of our socially responsible approach, we only source jewels from local trusted wholesalers and dealers. Most are small family business like ourselves. We ensure that materials and natural stones are responsibly and ethically sourced. Our diamonds are ethically sourced, guaranteeing no human rights abuses, child labour or war profits. Diamonds over .6ct come with a GIA or equivalent certificate.

All About Love!

Remember..... that all jewellery is purchased for love. Either as a token of love, a special gift for a loved one, or for yourself because you LOVE it. Jewellery is a luxury by nature and therefore worth the expense. It can last for generations. Passed on as an heirloom, it will tell a story about you and your sense of style. Let the timeless beauty of these precious gifts from nature and dedicated artisans, speak to your human senses and soul. I believe gemstones and crystals are channels that allow grace to flow into our lives.

The majority of pieces offered are the one and only……so if you are feeling drawn to, LOVE and desire a certain jewel, don’t miss the opportunity. Place your order now while it’s still here in front of you.

Absolutely Free!

As a special thank you to a valued customer, each order comes with a free gemstone and a Crystal Angel reading card featuring a special message just for you.

You can also learn more about Gemstones and their energies with our fabulous FREE eBook. "Gemstones, Who They Are And What They Teach Us."

It's an ideal introduction to stones and their energies.

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Contribution and Giving Back!

Our goal here at Unique Jewellery is to provide our customers with Extra Mile Service so our business grows enabling us to provide employment with flexible working hours for people in our area.

Every month we're committed to giving 5% of profits from sales to a charity that helps children or animals. As business grows we will  raise this amount to 10%. We’ll keep you updated about where the monthly donations go on the UJ Facebook and Instagram pages.

Great Style Great Price!

Unique Jewellery does not hold conventional sales, but regularly offers irresistibly priced clearance items, (up to 70% off or below cost), to the valued members of our email list. Our email newsletter contains customised offers that reflect your taste, your needs, and your past purchases, saving you time spent scrolling through a website

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I’m delighted that you’re here and right now I invite you to go in store. There you’ll find special jewels that will make you feel the way you want to feel when you put them on. They'll provide that perfect finishing touch and create a look that’s genuinely and uniquely yours.

You will find more information about what to expect when shopping at Unique Jewellery when you click on the Terms and Conditions tab at the top of our homepage. You can shop with confidence.






About Barb,


For most of my working life I’ve been involved in running a business, first within the Australian wool industry with my partner. Then online through an eBay store where I received over 700 positive feedback messages from satisfied customers, a 100% positive rating, and reached their Top-Rated Seller level.





I started a part time job at our local jewellery store in 2013. Here I was introduced to gemstones and  beautiful, unusual pieces of jewellery. From then 'till now, my passion for all things gemstone, crystals and jewellery has grown and grown. Practically every day I study to increase my knowledge in this area. 

Shortly before the store where I worked closed, I had a very clear vision, dream experience during a session with a Bowen / spiritual healer in Tamworth. I saw I was at the beach when an enormous wave crashed onto me and rolled me over and over. I am a bit afraid of the ocean and large bodies of water, even though I can swim quite well. I've never wanted to live near water, always inland. Although I couldn't breathe while I was being churned in the water I was calm and unafraid. In the end I found myself lying face down on a beach with sand as white and fine as icing sugar. When I lifted my head and looked around it was a clear, calm sunny day and there were large beautiful stones and glittering gems everywhere, as far as I could see. 

I felt the universe was showing me a path and it was up to me to choose that path and put my heart there. Wearing jewellery and using crystals is a  natural and beautiful form of self expression.  Through my business, Unique Jewellery, I can thoroughly serve you, my customer. Offering you pure enjoyment from wonderful, enchanting products. Helping you increase your knowledge so you can make more informed and better choices. This is my way of giving my gift.


When I’m not busy working on Unique Jewellery, you can catch me enjoying the splendid scenery and country lifestyle we have in this part of Northern NSW, Australia. I feel a strong connection to the beauty, harmony and at times harshness of our natural surroundings. Drought is an ever present issue in our area.

Also, I love keeping fit at our local gym, gardens, animals, reading books, fashion, shoes, and interior design. I’m a perpetual student of spiritual growth and awareness. Metaphysics, the angelic, and elemental realms.

I have 2 adult sons and 2 beautiful grandchildren. I share our place with my partner of over 40 years and my cat Brigid whose eyes remind me of Peridots.hannah-troupe-349131.jpg









P.S. I really appreciate your feedback so please send any, (good or bad), about the website to